Decorated Sunflower Themed Freestanding Wooden Letter

Decorated Sunflower Themed Freestanding Wooden Letter

Beautiful Sunflower themed wooden letters, ideal for wedding or home decor.


20cm tall mdf Letters, hand painted in sunflower yellow with a top layer of fine gold glitter. Each letter then had a twined section with a Sunflower on top.


Letters can be painted another colour if required, please contact me first to discuss colour options.

Include your letter choice when checking out. Choose an initial, spell a name or word, the choice is up to you. The & symbol is also available.


We also make glittered letters, please visit the Gifts section of our shop to see what else we offer.


 Dispatch time is 3-4 weeks PLUS shipping time from the UK. 

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    Dispatch time is 3-4 weeks plus shipping time from the UK


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